Asphalt Milling and Reclamation


Cost-effective. environmentally responsible.

Asphalt milling and reclamation can cut costs, save time and reduce waste for large scale roadway and parking lot resurfacing and rehabilitation projects. We offer a variety of options using our own specialized equipment and experienced crews. Contact us to find out if asphalt milling or reclamation makes sense for your project.



Asphalt Milling

We provide expert asphalt milling services for roadway and parking lot resurfacing projects using our own specialized equipment. Our crews will remove the top layer of asphalt to a specified depth, smoothing out imperfections in the pavement and readying it for repaving. Milling is a cost-effective way to maintain your paved surfaces, and like reclamation, it is environmentally responsible because the milled asphalt can be re-used in other paving applications. Contact us to find out if your next paving project could benefit from asphalt milling. 



Asphalt Reclamation

Asphalt reclamation can also be a cost-effective option for large paved areas in need of rehabilitation. Using our own state-of-the-art reclamation equipment, our crews will pulverize existing pavement and the materials beneath it and combine them to form a strong, stable base for new asphalt. The base materials are re-used, so reclamation not only cuts costs, but is environmentally friendly. Reclamation also saves time, as you won’t have to wait for the old pavement to be hauled away and new materials to arrive. This allows re-paving to start more quickly. Contact us to discuss whether asphalt reclamation is the right option for your paving project. 



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